Thursday, May 8, 2014

All Occasion Cards

Lately I've been having fun making cards. I love taking  tiny scraps otherwise designated for the waste basket to create something useful and it's nice to have a few cards on hand ready to mail or include with a gift.  So get out your scraps and make a bunch!  Here's how:

Go to the scrap bin (or wastebasket!) and select a few coordinating bits of fabrics. Apply the base fabric to a small piece of Timtex using a light weight fusible.  Then place the smaller bits of fabric ( in this case I'm using a few precious scraps left over from a table runner I made with Jennifer Sampou's line, Studio Stash) on top of the fabric covered Timtex and stitch in place.  Trim to the desired size and apply to the front of the card using a small amount of blue to the back of the Timtex. 

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