Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Hugo Cabret - Popeye's New Friend

Hugo, my little rescue dog is named after the character Hugo Cabret from the movie Hugo not only because I loved the movie but because their backgrounds are quite similar. You see, in the movie, Hugo is an orphan who falls into the hands of an uncle who really doesn’t want him. Hugo, the dog was also an orphan who was left to an uncaring relative who basically left him on his own all day and all night.  I had been searching the rescue dog sites for a dog to keep my Bearded Collie, Popeye company and as the Universe would have it, Hugo (formally known as Chico) was brought into our lives.

He is certainly a welcome addition to our household but who knew that he would be such a big helper in the studio? Of course Hugo has his own little quilt to lie on but most often he likes to be in the thick of things so he decided to sit on a pile of scraps left over from frantic holiday sewing. (Yes, I know it’s March!) Anyway, spring is here and it’s a glorious time of renewal and new beginnings. Happy spring.

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